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Photonic therapy and Myofunctional therapy

Photonic therapy


What is photonic therapy?

Photonic therapy is an alternative therapy which uses red light to stimulate certain area of skin where nerve endings accumulate.

This area is located 0.5 to 1cm under the surface of the skin. Red light,with 660 nm wavelength, is able to penetrate the skin to stimulate the area to regulate the body system, resulting in enhancement of the healing process as well as controlling pain and inflammation.

Photonic therapy is safe and painless and results in acceptable, comfortable treatment for the patient.


How often does photonic therapy need to be performed? 

It is better to perform photonic therapy once a week for the first couple of weeks then the duration between sessions can be increased once a patient’s condition improves.

Myofunctional therapy


Myofunctional therapy is a combination treatment of massage and stretching. From my experience, many animals suffering from musculoskeltal disease, such as arthritis, back problems or knee problems, tend to have secondary muscular problems that myofunctional therapy is effective in managing.  

Myofunctional therapy provides not only medical benefits but is also a form of relaxation.!! Most dog patients enjoy having a massage.