Essence Care

Alternative therapy for dogs,cats and horses

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About Hisae

Hisae Ichikawa-Rule  B.V.Sc (Japan)

Hisaeā€™s Profile

  I studied Veterinary science at Kitasato University in Japan and obtained a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1995. Since graduating university, I have worked at veterinary hospitals both in Japan and Australia for 9 years and performed traditional veterinary services as well as laser acupuncture and rehabilitation. In 2011, I established Essence Care, a mobile service of alternative therapy for dogs, cats and horses, and have performed photonic therapy and myofunctional therapy in the Southwest region of Western Australia.


1995  Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Kitasato University in Japan

2002  Certificate of Aromatherapy in Japan

2007  Certificate of Equine Surgery at Sydney University  

2013  Certificate of Canine Myofunctional therapy at National College of Traditional Medicine in Melborune